BISHOP – Innovating and caring~ a great way to keep your dogs fit! 

What Clients say

Our sessions are private and by appointment. You and your dog can expect total attention with no distractions. We offer self-swims and instructor swims where we get wet and you stay dry! Our sessions are 30 minutes long and whether your here for fun or fitness your dog will leave happy. 

If you just want to have fun and create an amaizing bond with your pet then just come in and have fun!

Our Staff

CALI– They were great! So patient and welcoming our first time. Our Cali loved the one on one attention !!! Thanks for having us !

K-9 Aquatics and Wellness Center does not perform surgical procedures, or diagnostics. Please seek professional Veterinarian help before reaching out to us and keep your vet in the loop! 

At K-9 Aquatics and Wellness Center we offer supervised private pool time for fun or fitness.  

Warm water exercise is ideal for arthritis, improving flexibility, increasing endurance, weight loss, relaxation, confidence building, athletic & post-surgical conditioning, geriatrics, paralysis, dysplasia and overall wellness.
The buoyancy of water relieves any weight or strain on a joint, relaxing the body and improving mobility. When recovering from surgery this is ideal to exercise and gain the muscle strength needed for rehabilitation.  

About k-9 Aquatics and Wellness center

Tera - Owner/Certified Instructor

Dogs have been a large part of my life, and I wouldn't be who I am without them. I have ample experience with many different breeds as well as years of it, I have AKC handled Irish Wolf Hounds, Rottweilers, Dachshunds, and King Charles Spaniels. I have owned many breeds, and currently compete with my American Bulldogs in Carting, Barn Hunt, Obedience, and Rally. I was once a client to K-9 Aquatics with my female American Bulldog, Karma, after a few months of swimming the previous owner offered it for sale, I just couldn't let a place like this go away and I knew I would need it for the rest of Karma's life, so here we are!