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Our sessions are private and by appointment. You and your dog can expect total attention with no distractions. We offer self-swims and instructor swims where we get wet and you stay dry! Our sessions are 30 minutes long and whether your here for fun or fitness your dog will leave happy. Services at K-9 Aquatics and Wellness Center are not medical procedures, nor are they a substitute for a medical diagnosis. If you have any medical questions or concerns about your pet, please contact your veterinarian. We want the very best for your pet!

Your dog will enjoy time at our Aquatics and Wellness Center which offers supervised private pool time for fun or fitness.  Warm water exercise is ideal for arthritis, improving flexibility, increasing endurance, weight loss, relaxation, confidence building, athletic & post-surgical conditioning, geriatrics, paralysis, dysplasia and general overall wellness.

Our swims offer rejuvenation for your dog’s body and mind. As a form of zero-impact exercise, the buoyancy of water relieves any weight or strain on a dog’s joint, relaxing the body and improving mobility. Without stress on his or her joints, a dog recovering from surgery or an accident can exercise and gain the muscle strength needed for rehabilitation.  If you just want to have fun and create an amaizing bond with your pet then just come in and have fun!  We have pool toys and lots of warm water!

"Fitness unleashed one swim at a time"