Self Swims are available after the New Client Swim  has been done! During a Self Swim the owner is able to get into the water with their dog, a swim assistant is supervising the pool during these times. Self Swims are for a dog capable of approximately 30 minutes of regular exercise, not needing hydrotherapy due to injury.

Instructor Swim appointments


Instructor Swims are available to all clients. We suggest continuing your swim experience with an Instructor if you are not confident handling your dog in the pool, or if your dog is recovering from an injury. If you are unable to swim your dog due to a disability discounts are available!

Wellness Center

NEw Client Swim appoinmets

New Client Swims are available to all New Clients who have not swam with us before! The New Client Swim comes with an instructor to insure you and your dogs safety in the pool. During this session you can choose to either sit back and watch or join the instructor in the pool with your dog! 

Self Swim Appointments